Month: April 2017

Day 25: Cash

Let’s talk about MONEY The first evidence of the use of numbers by humans is believed to have been for the purposes of accounting. Counting grain, wine, sheep…things that have value. The first evidence of “money” varies...

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Day 24: ATMs and Parking in France

For better or worse, me writing for 30 minutes every day (except for the days where it I forgot to make it a priority), means you get to see more of me. The real me. Not just the “me” I show at work or on Facebook or out for a cocktail.

This morning I got up grumpy.

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Day 22: Unicorns

On April 14th, five days before Starbucks released the UNICORN. I put Unicorns into my subject list. See the screenshot? Google drive doesn’t lie (or if it does, I am not tech savvy enough to make it happen. April 14th. I had to put off UNICORNS because I was in the midst of goal setting. And then I almost completely let UNICORNS fly, until I remembered that one of my favorite toys as a little girl, was indeed a UNICORN.

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Day 21: A tale of Language and Privilege

I tried to argue. I told my husband all the ways I was open-minded and respectful in my usage. He told me I had a serious case of white-privilege. I was shocked. I was outraged. My own husband telling me — ME! — of all people that I was practicing imperialism in my speech absolutely scandalized me. And then I let it sit. And I started to think. And I started to question.

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