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Four Emotions that are Simply a Waste of Time

I talk a lot about gratitude because I have found it to be a foundational component to my own feelings of happiness and success. Gratitude is a commonly accepted character trait and practice of successful, happy people. If you read certain texts or books you might come away thinking that gratitude is the magic bullet to a happy life.

But then how do you explain the experience of a highly successful entrepreneur who practices gratitude and yet is perpetually anxious? Or how can we explain the thousands of stay at home moms (and dads!) who have everything they need, who adore their children, who are so grateful to have the possibility to stay home, and yet they feel incomplete or stressed?

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Day 18: Goals

Life’s a funny dichotomy. I can plan something from top to bottom, set business goals and then live my personal life haphazardly. This is definitely a consequence of applying the oxygen mask to others around me first and so a major goal for me this year is to be effective in my personal life. Honestly, I am not 100% sure what this goal looks like in implementation, but my intent is that I want to be able to cross items off of my personal and family care list, to feel less like my life controls me and more like I control my life.

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Give Me Candid; Not Candy

When I turned 35, I set-out to do things that made me fearful. A few weeks after setting this goal, I was given the opportunity to go paragliding. If I had not set my birthday goal, I would have made and excuse and anxiously skipped out. Instead, I stepped into my fear and discovered the true meaning of courage. Paragliding is a simple and accessible way to literally experience conquering one’s fear. Unlike jumping from a plane, which is totally insane, the para-glider runs down the side of a mountain (scary) until the wind picks up the parachute (safe like a baby) and she glides off the mountain and up into the sky like a balloon. If I had not set this goal, I would still probably not understood the true parlay between fear and courage.

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