For better or worse, me writing for 30 minutes every day (except for the days where it I forgot to make it a priority), means you get to see more of me. The real me. Not just the “me” I show at work or on Facebook or out for a cocktail.

This morning I got up grumpy. Possibly had to do with the fact that I slept ⅔ of my night laying on a mixed pile of stuffed animals and a wood floor. Possibly because it was the fourth night in a row Nana woke up sometime between 2 AM and 3 AM crying. And probably the 14th consecutive night that she went to bed sometime after 9:30 PM, instead of around 7:30 PM like her peacefully sleeping little brother…or even her big brother.

We are not exactly sure what is causing her sleep problems. Part of it I think is a lack of sleep. Ha. That is something you get to learn as a parent. Sleep deprived small people sleep worse. Not better. Exhausting your kid out to get them a good night’s rest never works (except for good physical exhaustion like swimming or hiking).

Dad is also away again this week. And we didn’t finish cleaning the house or doing the laundry this weekend. I hate starting my Monday with a messy house. HATE. IT. And, I am not particularly fond of solo parenting either. It is so much more fun as a team.

Where do French ATM’s Go on Holiday? 

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