I am not one who focuses particularly on fashion and trends. Not in the sense that I think I need to keep up with them. At the same time, often in my life, I seem to see things coming to a head, just before they do. For example, last spring all I wanted was to find baby pink and baby blue pillows to decorate a room for my babies. I had to search high and low to find what I wanted and finally had to settle on close enough. This year my colors are everywhere. Ikea, Zara, you name it… I was one spring season ahead of the game.

Screenshot 2017-04-23 00.16.22On April 14th, five days before Starbucks released the UNICORN. I put Unicorns into my subject list. See the screenshot? Google drive doesn’t lie (or if it does, I am not tech savvy enough to make it happen). April 14th. I had to put off UNICORNS because I was in the midst of goal setting. And then I almost completely let UNICORNS fly, until I remembered that one of my favorite toys as a little girl, was indeed a UNICORN.

I wasn’t much into princesses. I preferred playing intrepid explorer or pioneer to house or school or whatever else it was little girls played. I had a nice collection of collectible plastic horses, probably given to me by relatives in my mom’s family as they are all horse people. I like horses too, but not quite as much as they do. My UNICORN  was amazing. She was about twice the size of my plastic horses and she had a real hair (well plastic or artificial) mane. Brushable. And it was iridescent purple pinkish blue. She was beautiful.

A few years later I had a Trapper Keeper. Lisa Frank with a UNICORN on it. Yep. In fact, UNICORNS have been popping up everywhere for the last few years. Startup companies that make a billion dollars (or are valued at a billion dollars) are called UNICORNS because they are rare. So are bisexual women who date married couples. Knowledge which gives me pause, when I see grown women write that they are UNICORNS. On their blog or their Facebook page. I don’t think that is what the mean (at least usually), but I suppose I could be missing something…

Here in France, they do mini-series documentaries on TV every week. I’ve seen them about schools in Finland. Schools in Singapore. Bike paths in Boulder, CO. And legalized pot, in Colorado. One profiled a particular gentleman (or lady) who is a transvestite in London who self-styles himself as a UNICORNS. Apparently, London has a polyamorous movement of people that dress up and go out clubbing dressed as … UNICORNS! You can watch a video about it here (possibly not PG, but it is the weekend, so watch it at home after the kids go to bed).

lisa-frank-unicorn-leggings-07282016Last year, shortly after I saw the bit on British UNICORNS, Lisa Frank decided to release a line of clothing. I was very excited. I actually put a few items in an online shopping cart, only to decide it probably was not an appropriate investment for a pregnant lady. I realize my birthday has passed, but if anyone US side wants to hunt down some UNICORN leggings and send them my way, I promise I will wear them. And even post a picture of me wearing them in public. (Even better than leopard print Alex, if you are reading this!)

I guess, what all these UNICORNhave in common, is that they are rare, unique and special. And so, I suppose UNICORNS are to be celebrated. We also always need a little magic in our lives.  And so, now all we need is a remake of the Last UNICORN and the saga will be complete. Just in case you are wondering, I will confess, that if I was in the States this week, I would go and get a UNICORN from Starbucks. Because. YOLO.

I wonder what my next trend prediction will be?