Month: April 2017

Day 28: Rose City

Today has gone by in a flash. Life with several little ones often does. Somehow we all got in a little work, some laundry in, some bags packed, loaded the dishwasher, charged the car full of luggage (as we say in French: charger...

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Day 27: Thursdays

Thursday is one of my favorite days of the week. The babies are at their nursery all day long and I have the day to myself to work, get in a run, and maybe enjoy some sunshine. This week Winston is on vacation (spring break) and...

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Day 26: Loving Discipline

This piece could probably be a book, but fortunately, I have limited myself to 30 minutes. I don’t recommend being a parent to any and everyone; however, when it comes to self-knowledge and exploration, parenting is likely one...

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