Today has gone by in a flash. Life with several little ones often does. Somehow we all got in a little work, some laundry in, some bags packed, loaded the dishwasher, charged the car full of luggage (as we say in French: charger la voiture) and headed off towards Mamie et Papi, les Taties et les cousins. After a mostly tranquil drive we arrived.The littles and their big, were greeted by family and chocolate. The parents (us) managed to sneak out unnoticed after giving everyone kisses.

The weather today was a perfect spring day, the kind of day that I think of, when I think about France. Sometimes, I am surprised to discover that I live in France and not the U.S.

As we drove into Toulouse, the Rose City, we were greeted with blue sky and green leaves gracing the boulevards as we drove to the center of town. Our hotel is quaint, clean and comfortable. Perfect for our plans. First on the list, is taking a nap. Then dinner and an evening out.

Apparently the nap needs to happen sooner than later, as somehow I have already filled 36 minutes in writing two paragraphs. Ha!